GNAS Classification Badges

Outdoor Shooting

There are six classifications (five for Juniors) for outdoor shooting as shown in the following table.



Badge Awarded

3rd Class

3rd Class

 3rd Class Badge

2nd Class

2nd Class

 2nd Class Badge

1st Class

1st Class

 1st Class Badge

Bowman (BM)
The top 15% of UK Archers.

Junior Bowman (JBM)

 Bowman Badge

Master Bowman (MB)
The top 4% of UK Archers.

Junior Master Bowman (JMB)

 Master Bowman BadgeJunior Master Bowman Badge

Grand Master Bowman (GMB)
The top 1% of UK Archers.

Not Available

 Grand Master Bowman badge

In order to achieve one of the classifications you have to shoot three qualifying scores in the same outdoor season (for MB and GMB these must be at Record Status shoots). The score required for each classification depends on what bow you use, what round is being shot, your age and your gender. The tables are available on our site, grouped by bow type and age category.

Recurve Senior      Under 18    Under 16   Under 14   Under 12  
Compound     Senior Under 18 Under 16 Under 14 Under 12
Longbow Senior Under 18 Under 16 Under 14 Under 12
Barebow Senior Under 18 Under 16 Under 14 Under 12

Like scoring it all looks very complicated at first, but it’s pretty easy to work out.


Example 1: A Gentleman (not a Junior) scores 356 shooting a Long National Round using a Recurve bow.

Look up the Recurve Senior Table

As Long National is an Imperial Round, find the section for Gentlemen – Imperial Rounds (Check the Rounds page for a full list of possible rounds)

Look down the left hand side until you find Long National

Round Name









Long National







Reading along the table, a score of 202 would qualify for a 3rd Class, 330 for a 2nd Class and 418 for a 1st Class.

Since he scored 356 that’s a 2nd Class score.

Note that in the above example the best classification he could have received regardless of how high his score is 1st Class since Bowman and above are not available on a Long National round.

Example 2: A 15 year old girl scores 72 shooting a Half FITA (Ladies) using a Longbow.

Looking up the Longbow Under 16 Table and finding Ladies Under 16 Metric (again, check the Rounds page for full details of possible rounds) we find the row for Half FITA (Ladies) is as follows:

Round Name








Half FITA (Ladies)






Her score of 72 just gets her a 2nd Class score.

Notice that in the above example she could have received Junior Bowman score had she managed to score 145 or over.


You don’t have to shoot the same round for each of your three qualifying scores, provided your score for a particular round is at least sufficient for your classification. For example, a Senior Lady using a Recurve bow could gain 2nd Class status by shooting the following mixture of rounds/scores, all of which qualify for 2nd Class:

  • St George - 302
  • Long Western - 350
  • FITA 70m - 280

The fact that they are on different rounds, and that some are Imperial and some Metric is irrelevant – she still gains her 2nd Class.

One other point to note: although you are welcome to use a higher class score in support of a lower classification, you can’t submit the same score twice. For example, an archer submits a 1st Class score and two 2nd Class scores in support of a claim for 2nd Class status. They can’t then use that same 1st Class score to support a later claim for 1st Class. Neither could they “swap out” a later 2nd Class score for their earlier 1st Class and reuse it - once it’s submitted it’s gone.

Who Awards the Classifications?

The first four classifications (3rd Class up to Bowman) are administered and awarded by the club. Qualifying scores can be shot on any club night or during a competition/tournament. Simply complete your scorecard and submit it either to the records officer or online using our members’ online score system to claim your classification. The badges are available through the club (if it’s your first classification badge the club even pay for it!) or through most archery supply stores.

Master Bowman (including Junior Master Bowman) and Grand Master Bowman are administered and awarded directly by GNAS. Qualifying scores have to be shot during record status shoots or tournaments.


Once you achieve three qualifying scores in a season for a classification it’s yours for a year. However you have to requalify each subsequent outdoor season to keep your classification.

If you have held a classification but don't manage to gain any classification in the following season you are then listed as U/C (Unclassified). 

Juniors who move up an age group or go from junior to senior have their classification based on the three best qualifying scores over the 12 months immediately prior to their birthday. If there are insufficient scores during that time to gain them a classification based on their new age group they are listed as U/C (Unclassified) . 

You can hold different classifications simultaneously for each different bow type but the rules on requalifying apply to each classification held.

Indoor Shooting

Unlike the outdoor classification system, the GNAS indoor system ranks archers A - H (A being the highest).

Click here to see the appropriate qualifying tables.

At the present time there is no national badge scheme for indoor shooting, a situation which the Braintree Bowmen 300 Award Scheme was developed to address.


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